woensdag 22 september 2010

Meet Art Brock

.. wherewith he proves able to do without being Art-ful (even when
invading territory of the art-ful, car deckery in this case).

nevertheless, he is full of it, and i will pilot you through along a few pointers
so as to save you a little time and if i succeed make you feel as if you did all
those visit i just made, yourself.

3.14m -- 187Vs money creation -- nittyjee account, who is a twitter pal

art makes me realize a little more clearly that currencies are first and
foremost group enlargers, hornifyers, clout and soon after fist makers and
therefore devilish to begin with. All tec that takes a manuel and special skills
(iow language). Mankind must get back to the solitary being stage. This is in
fact one my earliest big realizations ... but with me moving among rainbow
family, protester crowds and in big cities, plus entertaining hopes
co-operation can be realized formalized etcetera, much in the way art brock
is trying to, .. made me lose sight of it for far too long!!!!!!!!!

55 members .. don't try the autoplay .. it skips from one segment to the next

.... well, that settles it, Art is in love with white background .. bet he is a
big porn consumer too (grimace).

perhaps viewing here
lets you tweak stuff a little

funny how he stubbornly and myopically chooses to focus on the rosy side of
ueberwachhund surfalience tec, he really believes that is what will make
honest into a verb. This one gonna be different. Just one more final 'ization'
Yall, won't be anything like hospitalization, it will be like sovereignization,
just believe 'Art' blue eyes, come on i dare you.

He offers a 'canvas' (is he catholic, simpleminded?).
them 55 are facebookers and the wsj has noted these also (saw that earlier):
http://newcurrencyfrontiers.com/ all of which sets the mood to get the
little diagram in its proper perspective, no matter how
smartly no-ospherical it seems at first site, it is diabolical, shows ascending
largesse doled out 'achtereenvolgend' to land, labour, capital, and info(flow)
....but it fails to show that money is a perversion of dust and therefor
hygiene and healthful weather.

top down diversity is about the best slogan he could come up with ... they
did symbionomics but that fails to characterize what they are after,
diversity thanks to rather than despite centralization.
... Hope they can bring a big enough mirror to bear on this issue if they are
gonna turn 'arount' the count. Quite as Quichotic(ally chaotic) as the Arguellan
(including semi- and anti-) crowd.

speaking of which, art starts and breaks off an awful lot of stuff ... he must
be dragon. if he want to be a trusted banker he ought to lose that 'whatever
he takes away from it all in such a short time and runs' image.

i look at art and see the way i was, he reminds me of a former and less
realistic self ... when i too could look at a bike and go 'cute'.

i sure like this (illustration) approach better than that 'meta' piecemeal slow

here are a few fresh bits (in more ways than one, an admittance of lack, yet
not really, cause he wants others to join them anyway before trying to
distract them from their horribly horribly lacking geekiness):

this is a piece of software i hadn't seen before like this ... kinda like my
beloved Real Player

wonder if turning these comments into a very very old style post will help
this preacherman out at all ....

speak of the devil ... http://twitter.com/subguide/statuses/24281458146
there she is ... fulltime submissive carrying mind-control gifts

glad to see sloppy twitterers being flooded with spam or at least pulp, just
deserts for wanting to be overpopular.

Cannibalism, Star-Trek and X-Files score very very low though sci-fi beats
furry (easily) and bondage (only just), while still lagging straight male/female
stories by a factor of 60

for the discriminating diaper lover
a tripod page ... Next Update 5.5.2005
....wait, this is not porn .. this is about real diapers.

all filable under (compulsively twitting about) submissive is guess.

Nope, wrong again, i have a specialist pornmonnger for a neighbour at me
old tripod:
White hot diapered wet love slave sex ensues. The V-Chip in your television sizzles and then
explodes into a fine purple mist.

Now Playing: on CBS Feb 17 09:00pm
Topic: Media Alerts
"King Baby", Episode #515.

The team investigates the death of the most feared man in Las Vegas, and Grissom is back in charge, to
Catherine's dismay.

Cast: William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Gary Dourdan, George Eads, Jorja Fox, Paul Guilfoyle, Robert
David Hall, David Berman, Wallace Langham, Marc Vann, Louise Lombard, Saida Pagan, Joseph Patrick
Kelly, Wendie Malick, Lyle Kanouse, Susan Ward, Tony Denison, Mark Derwin, Andy Buckley, Valerie

Director(s): Richard Lewis.
Producer(s): Jerry Bruckheimer, Carol Mendelsohn, Ann Donahue, Anthony Zuiker, William Petersen
Writer(s): Jerry Stahl.
Original Airdate: February 17, 2005.

it goes on to describe a defunct link:


Despite CSI's unwaivering quest to pander to the most outre of fetishes and their
admirers, I strongly suspect the infantilist character will be portrayed as some
sort of sexually deviant freak. It's a pity really, as all the infantilist gangsters I
knew in Vegas, were some of the most kind, caring and generous criminals you
would ever want to cross paths with. I wonder if Oscar Goldman defended some
of those guys like he did for Spilotro?

Mysteriously absent from this episode of CSI will be the following AB/DL related
1. Jorja Fox is powdered, oiled and diapered by Marg Hell Gen Burger. Marg then
finds Grissom is acting a little fussy and does the same to him but puts him in
plastic pants for good measure.
2.Catherine is dismayed to find both she and Grissom prefer the same kind of
diapers. White hot diapered wet love slave sex ensues. The V-Chip in your
television sizzles and then explodes into a fine purple mist.
3. Jorga Fox, Marg Hell Gen Burper and Wendie Malick duke it out to see who
gets to change MY diaper. In the end, we all win.

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