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reli-capital vs capitaligion

secretsun is a blogspot by Chris Knowles who wrote:

"religion always follows where global capital leads"


it would be like saying:

indians always follow their white brothers

similar bunk

"total tack-on"
ok, inseparable, nearly identical, synched shadow dancing yet afterthoughtish, filler...?

you trying to confuse me with capstone jive sonny?????

did not like how folks there stare at some sort of marginality (eso roots and/or abberations of nazism) and fail to point out the ways they managed to gain landslidelike proportions of popular support, essential to see considerable heights and pinnacles of them reached if you want to start with enough tension to last lifetimes (and continents) of co-option, bribery, window dressing, pawn play, inherent instabilities and other endless intrigue that make massive (but not alas, mass sieving) societies clipperdiclop (spetter spieter spater, rock rock rocking on heaven's floor) speed towards their limit, none wait to erode their own environment which is when (only then, finally) relative quiet (of desertiflapflop) sets in.

the demonization of nazis wholesale (not just their arms race but the common bits) is of course, similar to the fate (which/that) burgeoning but suppressed element in rock music and new age suffered.

a visceral but until thoroughly intellectualized (syncrows doen een gooi but failing) unresolved tension and drag on moods which are nevertheless globalizing .. either way.

...'flair' .. flailing about .. up in the air .. windmill cartwheel spin, purr and strumdrummery BACK TO THE LAND
weirdness of drugs, the incapacitation overcompensated leading right into the more off the handle OUTER SPACE aspects of new age.

60s cradle of Rock music:
McGowan point to the fact that offspring of army career runners (them that blow stuff up) were overrepresented (a sort of counterpoint to his unbelievable moonhoax tick ... though judging from some of these NASA fiends one can forgive him for arguing they are as fake as 5 hollywoodouleur bills).

screen to be seen
projection compensates for lack of hands-on, rootie tootie dirty feet fun
dearth of testosterone levels raising feed .. ghetto confinement, clerkish slavery in sophisticated societies concocts and eventually decants a poisonous brew

screen to pretend coming clean
(about grievance .. revenge for attacks or if all fails, declare terra nullius)

projectility overcompensates

'Ziolent vionistry' is what i name arms development , tec which you claim women started to fend of would be rapers ... and in present context would simply be hollyhoaxers blowing up and badlighting revolutionaries to:
1 - distract from their own explosive and incomparably much more diabolical (wall((street))scalery
2 - stop them before they get too much of a swarmpotential going, distribution (dispersal) of their art (blow up their 'ruf'/calling/rep) to overwhelm them with followings and fall lowerers, again, before they can clump make fists, get clout, autonomy, sovereignty and 'threaten' (the sea-push meme) to attain ptb eroding influence.

Their(, again, way fuller than realized) implications of and ties to rootsie crowdpleasing nazi aspects cannot be got into focus before spiking the weave with yarns from neoteny.org

insights which i hope will soon trend and tend to elucidate the aeon spanning flows in play here .. and speaking of indispensible promontories for mental perspective (all sharp and 'sprankelend' a dutch term dedicated to crystal) i might as well throw in a few more whities in red land (shumash land St Barbara), Christopher A Brown and Laurence Rickels, the latter of 'only ((mass)) psychoanalysis won the war') that reflects the culture branding and leading (alpha meme)

"multiplicity of hits tends to mitigate significance."

screentime is never over-complex always over-complete, it diminishes time spent in touch with reality

screen to goget green
rock (lock block stock, .. ever read that book by Philip Cohane (called 'the key' but not showing tzolkins alphabetized such that that word appears or anything. Rather, it is about hav and oc something soft and feminine and sturdy oaks / ocs), 'rock' is not screened other than in the sense you are trying to sketch here, not in the way i been 'digivocating' since 97, but yes, demonized every way possible and your admirably dispassionate and matter of fact statement lacks pointers to what's lacking here.

i am a rock(/soil) expert in the widest sense possible.

soil is a mountaintop on its merry way to the ocean floor ... that is a few gears beyond neoteny actually, but a red thread for 20 years of my travelling life.

BODY -- solid -- fluid -- blowing about
trace element aspects (volcanoes, dusts)

hormone ones (good nutrition raises testiness ((think Nat Ami soils feeding rebellion, emancipation, crazy releases/returns and also ... wallstreet getting over its inhibitions, lets go (of taboo) to make a grab for the totem but bathwater won't be babied ... sorry ... letting go of any pretense to decency, bets its rocks off and lets the world 'rock')

SOUL -- solid -- fluid -- flying around


push and pull between gathering and dispersal, the art of metering (mental) elevation differential, breed social strata, daisy chains as innocent model inverted and attacked by command chains, celebration and mourning, in other words, demographics (the airways, often combining SFnBB, from flit-flat, jet-set to migration patterns)

SPIRIT -- solid -- fluid -- blowing about
influence of devout goady, traderoute roadie, loyal, clever, idealistic and other cliquable clout (tightly cliqued up blunderabouts known as variously nomered 'forces') on climate and other distributables ...

....all milling about, crisscrossing and mixing at speeds characteristic and typical for the variously weighted element combos.

in case this is the last time i bother to blog here (to busy plotting and limbering for my 109th post at indexterity), similar work and about 60 percent of all that preceded it up to the 40% gap (prolly less actually) can be found through my profile.

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